Blind Woman's Home Nearly Rebuilt

By Charla Young

(LOUISVILLE, September 16th, 2004) -- We first introduced you to Louis June Jackson back in May. When word got out that the blind woman was tricked into paying nearly $100,000 for a home worth barely more than half that, community businesses stepped in to help. Charla Young has an update on their progress.

Now thanks to the help of a caring community, she's just weeks away from her dream home.

Larry Summers owns Summers Heating & Air. He's one of the many volunteers rebuilding Lois June's shattered dreams.

Summers remembers the condition of the house only a few weeks ago. "The chimney was stopped up with bricks and everything, and a health hazard. Carbon monoxide was getting into the lady's house."

Since then, Summers and others have replaced the furnace, duct work and plumbing, and will install a new air and heating unit.

The products were donated by Plumbers Supply Company, with most of the work done by Summers. "Well I start early and stay late," he says with a laugh.

Drain Busters out of Jeffersonville installed something Lois has wanted as much as anything in her life: A new tub. It's quite a difference from her old bathtub, which was sitting on a dirt floor in the bathroom.

Now there's a solid floor for support. Herb Toler with Laneh Home Builders tells us "it's a concrete floor that guys are telling me can hold a three-story building. So we're in good shape."

Toler is the general contractor for this home makeover project. He says plans changed from adding a laundry room, additional bedroom, kitchen and dining area on the back of the home to also include an eight-foot covered back porch and new garden. And they also decided to gut the entire front of the house as well.

On the outside of the home, Kurt Jenkins of KJ Gas Specialist worked with a crew from LG&E to prepare new utility lines. "Basically, this house had a lot of old, old stuff in it. So I decided to do away with all the old stuff and let's put all new stuff in."

By the time the work is complete in a few weeks, Lois's home will have been completely renovated from the inside-out. "That's what we're on earth for: is to help others in need," says Summers.

We want to thank Plumbers Supply and York Heating and Air Conditioning for their tremendous donation for this phase of the makeover. And hats off to all other volunteers under the leadership of Herb Toler.

By the way, the expected completion date is sometime in early November. We'll keep you posted.

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