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August 11, 2013

Kentuckiana Heart Walk

Saturday, September 21 at Waterfront Park

Registration opens at 7:30

Walk begins at 8 a.m.


Sisters Who Care

COPES/Sisters Who Care

845 Barret Avenue


The non-profit agency, COPES, has been in the Louisville community for over 35 years. They serve individuals, families, students, teachers and other professionals in JCPS, the Archdiocese of Louisville and private school systems. They have served the reentry and recovery population and have always had a priority to serve low-income and minority individuals and families.

Their newest focus is on HIV and substance abuse prevention among African American females through their Sisters Who Care program.

COPES' mission is to advance a comprehensive range of effective programs and services in the Louisville community to address substance abuse prevention through personal, marriage and family strengthening programs that focus on building upon existing personal, family and community strengths. Further, COPES shall contribute to the national and international body of research and knowledge in the fields of prevention, mental health and emotional well-being as they relate to the development of programs and practices that reduce substance abuse, delinquency, violence, HIV infection, prison recidivism and other negative outcomes for children and families.

By successfully promoting strong and dynamic personal and interpersonal skill development and behavioral health promotion activities, COPES and other agencies implementing the Creating Lasting Family Connections® curriculum continue to engage in powerful personal and family health promotion and prevention of negative outcomes, including:

◦Reducing substance abuse by youth and adults

◦Reducing violent behavior

◦Reducing HIV transmission

◦Reducing prison recidivism

◦Enhancing communication and refusal skills

◦Enhancing emotional awareness and expression skills

◦Enhancing family bonding

◦Enhancing marriage relationships

◦Enhancing fatherhood skills

◦Enhancing and maintaining substance abuse recovery

◦Enhancing and maintaining reentry outcomes


The Blind Pig

1076 E. Washington St.

Monday-Thursday 11:30am-10pm

Friday & Saturday 11:30am-12am


The Blind Pig is a gastropub located in scenic Butchertown near downtown Louisville, KY. They were established in March, 2010 by Joe Frase (Owner/Head Chef) and Michael Grider (Owner). They specialize in house made European comfort food and offer an old-world centric wine program, innovative cocktail list, and wide reaching beer list.

All of their food is prepared in-house from curing and smoking meats to stuffing sausages by hand. Their wine list emphasizes a hands on and sustainable approach to wine making, with a majority of wines coming from sustainable (or better) estate grown producers. They make all of their bitters and other miscellaneous cocktail accouterments in house.


Vengeance Comics

In a well known city of America, constant crime raged. Evil lurked in the streets and in every building it could find. Gangs tried to rule the city; cops were scarce and hard to find. Citizens were dying trying to take the law into their own hands. The Government does their best to control this crime rate, but with wars across the world it is impossible. It would seem that no one was here to fight the war in their own home.....

Of course..... it's no longer............. "Sweet Home Chicago."

Vengeance Comics, is the first comic to be published under Ransom Comics. They are looking forward to publishing many comics and becoming known across the world. For more information visit Http://


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