Statement issued by Josh Young's foster parents

The following is a statement issued to WAVE 3 News by Josh Young's foster parents, Chuck and Susan Stoneburner, on August 12, 2013:

Joshua Young was released from the Louisville Metropolitan Youth Detention Center shortly after the verdict was read last Friday evening. He was driven by his state social worker to the L&N Building, located at 9th Street and Broadway in Louisville. The L&N Building houses many state social workers' offices.Joshua was met there by a happy and relieved group of his supporters. Shortly thereafter he was released to the Stoneburner family to begin again a new life with them as their foster child. He is hopeful that soon his Family Court Judge will approve the petition allowing the Stoneburners to adopt him. The Stoneburners have already adopted his beloved six (6) year-old sister, Carly.

Joshua attended church services on Sunday, August 11. When introduced he was given a standing ovation by the congregation, according to Susan Stoneburner. He plans to regularly attend church services with his new family.

Joshua Young intends to begin putting his life back together one day at a time. The process will take substantial time, effort and assistance from others.  Readjustment to life as a teenager is difficult for kids who have spent long periods of time securely confined in connection with a court case.  Joshua realizes that he will have to work hard to take his life back.

It is amazing that Joshua is not bitter about all of the bad things that have happened to him in his life. Somewhere within himself he has found the strength to survive, forgive and move forward.  

Joshua plans to enroll in public school. He has enough credits to be entering the 12th grade. Joshua wants to focus on academics, graduate from high school and perhaps attend college upon graduation. Classes begin August 20.

Joshua has a broad support system. In addition to the Stoneburner family, Joshua has an in-home therapist who will meet with him ten (10) hours per week. Therapy will help him address all of the losses he has suffered in his life, as well as help him to cope with the difficult circumstances that he was forced to endure due to his arrest, incarceration and trial.

Joshua will also have the support of three (3) state social workers plus the services and encouragement of Lisa Butler, social worker for the Public Defender's Office and part of Joshua's legal defense team.

Joshua hopes that he can turn his horrible experience as a criminal defendant facing substantial prison time into something positive.