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WAVE 3 Editorial - August 15, 2013: Increased JCPS taxes

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President & General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For the sixth straight year, Jefferson County residents will pay more in school taxes following a school board vote this week that had some very frustrated.

For someone with a home worth $100,000, taxes will be $10 more this year and more than $100 a year higher than they were ten years ago. That seems somewhat reasonable in light of cost of living increases and funding cut concerns from both the state and federal government. But the key is what will be done with the money - how wisely will it be spent.

Some expenditures seem very worthwhile: implementing a new communication system allowing Jefferson County Public Schools to simultaneously reach every parent via phone, e-mail, and text message; expanding transportation services to all Priority Schools three days a week to provide extended learning opportunities for students; and launching Louisville Linked, a program that matches the needs of students with services offered by more than 100 community, governmental, and nonprofit organizations.

This past year some of that tax money was used to add four digital cameras on every school bus to improve security for students and drivers. Next year some of it will be used for expanding Ford's Next Generation Learning initiative to all JCPS high schools.    

Investing our tax dollars wisely in education will provide a great return on investment.

It is good to see graduation rates improving. We'd like to see the achievement gap improve as well to truly embrace the notion that the added tax money collected is being invested well.

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