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Man arrested in shooting of neighbor

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Officers on Thursday arrested a man suspected of shooting a neighbor earlier in the month.

Shively police arrested Shawn Antonio Dedrick, 43, at his apartment at 1820 Appleton Lane. He was charged with 1st degree assault.

The victim, Lilton Carmichael, told officers Dedrick shot him in the leg outside Carmichael's apartment around 5:00 on the morning of August 5.

Officers said Dedrick gave them consent to search his apartment on Thursday. According to an arrest report, items they recovered included two empty 9mm handgun boxes, a 40 caliber gun box and a small amount of 9mm ammunition.

Dedrick told the detectives he inherited the boxes from his father after his death two years earlier, but the detectives said they were able to trace the 40 caliber firearm to another person who purchased the gun in December 2012. In addition, police said shell casings recovered from the shooting scene matched the victim's 9mm handgun and Dedrick's 40 caliber firearm.

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