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American Legion Post in danger of foreclosure saved by anonymous donor

An American Legion Post in danger of foreclosure is back above water, thanks to an anonymous donor. This is a story that was first covered last month in a Pay It Forward segment.

American Legion Post Number 75 was going under. According to them, mismanagement of funds from the old regime was to blame.

"The stress is trying to save our post," Vice Commander Bob Collier said. Now, they know the fish will still fry and the karaoke will carry on, thanks to an anonymous donor.

"We received a cashier's check for $42,000," Collier said. Friday night, they surprised the entire legion with the great news.

The check is only a loan but will help the folks at Post No. 75 keep the lights on and the memories flowing.

"We all know where we've been and what we've went through," said veteran and post member George French. "It's a connection that never goes away."

French said he's thrilled this place will not only remain for those who have met their friends, husbands and wives here, but also for future veterans to come.

"I knew it would stay, we all did; didn't know how, but we knew it," French said.
They're not totally out of the woods yet; they still have to come up with a way to pay back that loan. But they said with the support of the community and their own legion, they're confident this post will never close.
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