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Cardinal Fan Day

With so much hype around the Cards this off season, Louisville fans are now only two weeks away from an encore of last year's Sugar Bowl.

"We're so excited for the season, that game was just awesome and you know it took a long time to come down off of that," said Valerie Kurowski.

Cards fan Charlie Wade commented, "You know I've not slept since the last win we've had, Sugar Bowl championship, insomnia's kicked in."

But now these fans can relax as the Cards return a high powered offense with several new additions.

"The weapons we have at wide receiver and the running backs, we're just loaded all the way around the board and that's why all these fans are out here today to celebrate the Louisville Cardinal program," exclaimed George Reed.

Baron Miller said, "There isn't a team out there that can touch us, stop our offense, maybe the Ravens but I don't see it happening here, not in Papa John's Cardinal Stadium."

"I mean it's just going to be a great year, the best year in history, the expectations couldn't be higher," commented Robert Minardi.

The expectations for these fans is not just a BCS Bowl game, it's for the National Championship.

Cards fan Will Steiden exclaimed, "We just got a feast waiting for us, this feast of pure dominance and national prominence will take our team to uncharted territories."

"I want to beat everybody, Alabama, we want them; Johnny who, more like Johnny nobody," said Erica King.

The Cards open the season in just two weeks when they host Ohio University at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

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