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Camm trial 8/23 - Crime scene technicians take the stand on day 2 of testimony

David Camm being escorted into the Boone County Courthouse on August 21. David Camm being escorted into the Boone County Courthouse on August 21.
Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives) Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)
Charles Boney Charles Boney

LEBANON, IN (WAVE) - A former Indiana State Police crime scene technician agreed he "hit a home run" when a palm print he took from Kim Camm's Ford Bronco led investigators to Charles Darnell Boney, a career criminal later convicted of murdering her, her son Brad, 7, and daughter Jill, 5.

But Jim Niemeyer also conceded that he thought "this is David Camm's crime" before he collected any evidence from the Camm home September 28, 2000, barely two hours after the murders were reported.

Niemeyer is the third witness the prosecution has called in Camm's second retrial for his family's murders. Camm was convicted twice; both convictions thrown out on appeal.

"(Kim Camm) could have thrown the Bronco into reverse and floored it had she discovered a stranger in her garage," Niemeyer explained. "The children could have identified who killed them."

Under defense cross-examination, Niemeyer testified he never shared his hunches with other investigators, but that he suspected Camm primarily because his investigative experience taught him that burglars rarely harm children, and that a rape suspect could have controlled Kim Camm by playing upon her instincts to protect her children.

The defense maintains that a rush to judgment led investigators to rule out theories and evidence that would have exonerated Camm and led them to another suspect.

The state's fourth witness, James Bube, an ISP crime scene diagrammer, testified that he spent four 12-hour days measuring the crime scene and the Camm household, but that the initial investigators from the Floyd County Prosecutor's Office never asked for the measurements.

"I put in everything I thought I saw," Bube told defense counsel Stacy Uliana.

"And you missed Charles Boney's sweatshirt," Uliana stated.

"I didn't see Charles Boney's sweatshirt," Bube responded.

Niemeyer's crime scene videotape shows Brad Camm's body lying atop the sweatshirt.  Earlier, Niemeyer testified that he'd learned that investigators put both into the same body bag to send for autopsy, though doing so could have contaminated crime scene evidence.

Niemeyer told the jury that he lifted four or five footprints from the Camm's garage but gave up trying to gather more after investigators identified the prints as their own, made when responding to the crime scene.

Among the evidence Niemeyer recorded and collected; a photo showing blood inside the Bronco. Niemeyer testified he knew David Camm had claimed he pulled his son out of the vehicle to try to revive him.

"And because of that photo, we have evidence of David Camm's story," Uliana told the jury.

The state's case continues Friday afternoon.

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