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Browns players plead not guilty to speeding, request jury trial

Josh Gordon in court Josh Gordon in court
Greg Little in court Greg Little in court

Browns players Greg Little and Josh Gordon were both in court on Tuesday morning for speeding tickets.

Little pleaded not guilty, and requested a jury trial.

The Browns receiver is facing charges for his latest speeding ticket - driving 81mph in a 60 speed limit zone.

But this isn't Little's first time speeding. In April, he admitted to going 127 miles per hour before crashing into a light pole.

Josh Gordon also pleaded not guilty to his traffic troubles and requested a jury trial.

Gordon failed to show up to court for a speeding ticket when he was clocked going 45mph in a 25 speed zone in May. And then, in a separate incident, he was cited for going 98mph in a 60mph zone.

Both Little and Gordon are due back on court on September 10.

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