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Cards defensive end Mauldin injured in moped accident

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - University of Louisville defensive end Lorenzo Mauldin is spending the night at Jewish Hospital after a moped accident on Tuesday morning.

Mauldin was the victim of a hit and run on South Floyd Street. "When I saw him he was in the emergency room so I didn't have a chance to see him," UofL head coach Charlie Strong said. "They did some tests and I spoke to him later on.  He told me he had some pain and soreness but after the tests we'll know more."

Strong did confirm that Mauldin was not wearing a helmet.

The team practiced without the starting defensive end on Tuesday afternoon. Strong said that junior B.J. Dubose would start in Sundays season opener against Ohio, if Mauldin cannot play. "It's going to be the doctors call if he can play Sunday, it's not going to be my call at all," Strong added.

Mauldin played in 11 games in 2012, starting 6, and led the team with 4.5 sacks. His personal life has been well documented, he lived in 16 different foster homes and two group homes while growing up in Georgia.

At media day on August 8, Mauldin told WAVE 3 Sports that this is the most comfortable he has ever felt with his personal life.

"Yeah pretty much, because right now I'm in a brotherhood," Mauldin said. "People ask me, am I going to join a fraternity? Or this and that, and I mean, are you going to see your family? And I'm like, okay, my family is here. So there's no point in leaving, Fraternity wise, I mean, this is my fraternity, Louisville football is my fraternity. It's like, I have my blood around me right now."

Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson said Mauldin's development off the field has been a pleasure to watch.

"Lorenzo came here and I think he was the shyest person anyone had ever met, now he is a totally different person two years later," Watson said. "He's always in our facility, you'd think he was a member of the staff, he just left here if I'm not mistaken. The defensive guys said he was just in the office so I mean he's always here it's like he's a member of the staff."

The #9 Cards host Ohio University on Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

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