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Special birthday wish to benefit others

Carleigh Hofeligh Carleigh Hofeligh
LaCherry Hofelich LaCherry Hofelich
Some of the shoes Carleigh has collected. Some of the shoes Carleigh has collected.
Ourl Lady of Peace Hospital and Children's Peace Center. Ourl Lady of Peace Hospital and Children's Peace Center.

By Shannon Cogan - email

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Most kids look forward to their birthday for all the presents they will receive. But one Louisville girl asked for something unique. 

For her birthday, Carleigh Hofelich asked her friends, family, and neighbors to give her tennis shoes. Any size. Any color. But the shoes are not for her. They are to donate. Carleigh will give them to Our Lady of Peace, a psychiatric hospital in Louisville that treats children.

"A lot of tennis shoes cost a lot of money and I thought I bet Our Lady of Peace doesn't have that many because they cost so much," said Carleigh.

Carleigh's goal was to collect 188 shoes in honor of her 8th birthday. She put together a flyer and sent it out. The response has been tremendous. 

"It's been bigger than we thought it would be," said LaCherry Hofelich, Carleigh's mom.

They've already surpassed her goal of 188. As they near 200 pairs of shoes, the stack in the family's living room is now taller than Carleigh herself. 

"It will make me feel really happy that other kids have something to wear on their feet so they can go outside and play on the gym and have lots of fun," said Carleigh.           

LaCherry said she's learned a lot in this process. One of those thins is not to underestimate her daughter. 

"She thinks more about other people than what we realized," she said. 

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that can't be opened. If you'd like to donate to Carleigh's Kicks for Kids donations can be dropped off at Our Lady of Peace located at 2020 Newburg Road in Louisville. Ask for Sister Betty.

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