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Bullitt Co. ordinance to crack down on adults who supply alcohol, drugs to minors

Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts
Lt. Mike Murdoch Lt. Mike Murdoch
Pat Donnelly Pat Donnelly

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Bullitt County government officials will vote on a new ordinance aimed at further cracking down on underage drinking and drug use in the county.

Beginning at 6 p.m. Tuesday, members of the Bullitt County Fiscal Court will meet to vote on their proposed Social Host ordinance.

"Adults will be responsible for what happens on their property," began Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts. "It does not allow for underage drinking or drug use."

The ordinance aims to crack down on underage alcohol and drug use by holding property owners responsible, even if he or she has not consented to the party happening at his or her home.

"Even if they're not there, they should know what's going on at their property," explained Lt. Mike Murdoch of the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office.

According to Roberts, she and the four magistrates of the county's fiscal court will likely vote in favor of the ordinance Tuesday after hearing comments from the public during the meeting. If approved, the ordinance could take immediate effect.

"If it came on tonight, there'd be a chance it could be enforced tonight," said Lt. Murdoch. "It's a county ordinance violation, therefore it'd be brought like a misdemeanor in court."

If approved at the fiscal court meeting, property owners found in violation of the county ordinance could be fined $500 as well as an additional $25 for every minor found in attendance.

"The ordinance is way overdue," said Pat Donnelly, owner of Turnpike Liquors near Interstate 65 in Sheperdsville. While Donnelly said he and his staff do their part to cut down on underage consumption by carding customers. He believes controlling it will ultimately come down to the discretion of those who buy it.

"We have parents coming through with kids in cars," began Donnelly. "You never know where it's going to end up."

If the alcohol ends up in the hands of minors, deputies said the social host ordinance will make it easier to prosecute cases by giving law enforcement more reign than any other laws currently on the books.

"It's a lot easier to prove a case that someone allowed this to go on their property than it is to say 'you physically handed it to the person'," said Lt. Murdoch.

With a 'yes' vote expected in fiscal court, Bullitt County officials could soon be one step closer to helping end underage drinking and drug use throughout the county.

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