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Children's home employee charged with sexual seduction

Darci Stabeno Darci Stabeno
Jeremy Mull Jeremy Mull
Megan Ralston Megan Ralston

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – Three felony charges of child seduction have been filed against a children's home employee. Darci Stabeno is accused of having sex with one of the foster children she was caring for. This is the second similar case in Clark County in the last three months.

In a green jumpsuit and handcuffs, Stabeno, 29, faced a Clark County judge. Stabeno had worked at Kingsfield Children's Home in Sellersburg, a place that provides around the clock care for troubled boys and girls.

"These homes serve a tremendous service to our community," said Jeremy Mull, Clark County Chief Deputy Prosecutor. "A lot of time the teenagers or the children have nowhere else to go."

But that trust was broken when investigators say Stabeno crossed the line by entering into a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old boy who lived there. Prosecutors say the juvenile showed police pictures he took with his cell phone of the two of them having sex. Court documents show Stabeno admitted the whole thing.

"She was in a position of authority over him in this case in the children's home," said Mull, "that makes any type of sexual contact illegal."

Three months ago, Mull was filing charges in a case chillingly similar. Another woman in her late 20's was accused of having sex with a 14 year old in her care. Megan Ralston was as a caretaker at Childplace in Jeffersonville when she was arrested.

"As adults they are expected to obey the law and not engage in those types of relationships," said Mull.

Mull said it's a shame for this to happen at facilities that are known to provide such a service to the community.

"These really are the exception to the rule when you have an employee commit a crime like this, we do see it once in awhile, but it's not very common at all," said Mull.

Both women were fired immediately from their jobs.

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