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Volunteer claims to have smelled something in garage where human remains were found

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

When 1-year-old Elaina Steinfurth was reported missing in June, the community came together and started conducting searches in addition to police searches.

One of the volunteers at that time spoke out Thursday evening, saying she had asked police to search the garage near Steven King's home months ago.

Kimberly Cundick has gone through this before, when Nevaeh Buchanan went missing four years ago. So when Cundick heard about Elaina's disappearance, she wanted to help. For three weeks, she helped in any way possible.

"We had a group that went down in the alleys next to the King's house, and there was a gentleman who came out with a two-by-four, threatening my group to get out of that yard and stay away from that garage," Cundick explained. "So that kind of threw up a red flag."

On Sept. 5, three months after Elaina's disappearance, police executed a search warrant of Steven King's home and the area around it, after receiving new information in the case. Inside the garage Cundick mentioned, police found a box of human remains.

Cundick said after her search group was warned to stay away from the garage many weeks ago, they went back to that area with a search dog.

"[The dog] started hitting on the fence and started jumping up in the air, and was really close to the garage and we just knew something did not feel right," she said.

But Cundick says she hopes after recent developments, everyone will remember who this is really about.

"There's just been so much anger. There's been so much animosity, so many rumors, everybody mad at everybody," she said. "I just want us all to come together. Let's have some peace, let's celebrate this baby's life, and maybe something good can come of this."

Many community members were involved in the entire process since Elaina disappeared. Thursday's developments have hit home for them, as well.

An autopsy was scheduled for Friday morning to determine who the remains belonged to.

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