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Chris McGill tries out a light that can be used anywhere

The Light Angel The Light Angel

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – It's suppose to be an angel of light. The Light Angel promises to bring you light to any dark place in your home, like a closet or cabinet space. It also touts its ability to be a great security light too, as it has a motion sensor attached. This week I'm going to Try It Before You Buy It! 

The first location I tried the Light Angel was my coat closet in my living room. Once I installed the four AA batteries and turned the Light Angel on, I put it in the top of the closet and closed the folding door. When I opened the doors back up ... nothing! I tried moving my hand over the sensor repeatedly and still nothing. I took out the batteries twice and still nothing! So, I moved it to a really dark area of the closet, and it finally came on! 

The Light Angel does have a sticker that's attached to it saying it only works in a dark room. Well, if you have any light at all coming in to the room, closet or cabinet you wish to install it, it won't work. It has to be totally dark of any light whatsoever. Once I figured this out, it worked great in a storage space I have over my basement stairwell. The next test was to see how well the Light Angel would perform as a security light outdoors. 

The Light Angel comes with a double-sided sticky pad you can adhere to the bottom and then stick pretty much anywhere. You can also install it with screws that are included. I chose to use the sticky pad in the even I wanted to move the light later. After putting the sticky pad on the bottom of the Light Angel I installed it outside of my basement door. I put it just above the door itself to shine down if anyone would approach the door. Later in the evening after the sun went down, I went outside to test it and it worked great. 

The LED lights are very bright as promised and the motion sensor worked great as well.  

I think the Light Angel did a good job through the tests I performed. Remember, it will only work in totally dark conditions and takes four AA batteries that are not included.  

The true test will be time. How long will the Light Angel last??  I'll update this story in the future with any changes I see in the product.

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