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Bowling Green man arrested for illegally mailing guns; removing serial number

BOWLING GREEN, KY (WAVE) - The Feds step in to charge a Kentucky man with shipping guns through the mail.

Adam Bunger was arrested in Bowling Green after ATF agents received a call from Australian Federal Police. They found a package mailed from Kentucky containing gun parts hidden in an X-Box.

Investigators said the package sender was listed as John Smith from Bowling Green, but they traced it back to Bunger. Court documents claim Bunger also tried to send guns, with serial numbers scratched out, to the United Kingdom and Sweden.

Gun experts said this is a huge no-no. "Taking it against state lines is illegal for one thing," said Claudis Walker, a gun store owner, "and out of the country is really big time illegal."

Serial numbers are required to track firearms in the US and removing that number alone is a major federal offense and shipping them across borders undocumented is another.

 Agents said Bunger sold the gun parts and altered guns on a website called "Black Market Reloaded." This is known as a ‘Deep Web' site, a site that is reportedly used by criminals to make anonymous deals on drugs and weapons.

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