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Camm trial 9/12: Debate over statement before Boney's ex-girlfriend to testify in Camm trial

David Camm (file photo) David Camm (file photo)

LEBANON, IN (WAVE) - Debate between the prosecution and defense Thursday morning in the third murder trial of David Camm delayed the next witness taking the stand. This as the former girlfriend of a man already convicted of murdering Camm's wife and two children was set to testify.

Mala Singh Mattingly is Charles Boney's former girlfriend.

Camm's attorneys wanted to delay her testimony, claiming that the state of Indiana had lost, withheld or destroyed a written statement she made in 2005 after Boney became a suspect in the killings of Kim Camm and her children, Bradley and Jill.

The defense argued that, without the statement, she could not be questioned on it. And, if she were to return to Trinidad, Camm would be denied his right to due process.

The prosecution team countered that they didn't know it the statement ever existed, only acknowledging she was asked to write one.

After a half-hour of arguments, jurors were brought in for the morning but were quickly shuttled out.

The written statement had resurfaced, and the prosecution wanted to review it before Singh-Mattingly testified.

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