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Chesterfield mother charged with felony child abuse and neglect


A 2-year-child was taken from her mother after police say they found the toddler, covered in flea bites and starving.

Now, 38-year-old Lauren England is charged with two felony counts of abuse and neglect, and cruelty to children.

The home is nestled in a charming and quiet cul-de-sac on Greenfield Drive, but on Saturday just after 10 P.M., police say they arrived to see England lying in her driveway and her toddler nearby.

Police say England claimed she hadn't eaten in several days and police say there's reason to believe the child hadn't either.

According to police, England was under the influence of what appeared to be prescription drugs and the toddler was in bad shape too - sweaty and covered in insect bites.

England spoke to NBC12 through her window, claimed everything was ok but soon realized our camera was rolling and the conversation quickly ended.

"Everyone's fine, she's with her grandparents, everyone's fine thank you," said England.

England confirmed what police said. Her 2-year-old daughter is now with her grandparents.

Police also say child protective services has been notified.

"I'm glad to hear she's in safe hands now," said neighbor, Jennifer Blunt.

Blunt lives a few houses down and urges people to pay more attention to those who live around you.

"Whenever something like that happens, and there are neighbors around that do see something unusual going on, not to hesitate to pick up the phone and call, either adult protective services or child protective services, it's an anonymous phone call that they'll make and they'll do an investigation," said Blunt.

Police also said England may have a history of prescription drug abuse. No word on whether she'll ever get her daughter back.

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