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WWII vets tour historic warship

LST-325 docked at the Madison, IN waterfront. LST-325 docked at the Madison, IN waterfront.
Bill Pollard Bill Pollard
Howard Griffin Howard Griffin
Glen Fisher Glen Fisher
A berthing compartment aboard LST-325. A berthing compartment aboard LST-325.

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - A piece of history sits docked along the Madison, Indiana waterfront. LST-325 is a World War II ship that was part of the invasion on D-Day on June 6, 1944.  

The LST, which stands for Landing Ship, Tank, was a member of the second fleet that brought troops and vehicles to Normandy Beach. LST-325 made more than fifty trips across the English Channel and later served in the Greek Navy for 30 years.  

Nearly a dozen World War II veterans toured the ship on Thursday. Veterans say being aboard LST-325 brings back memories of duty, honor, and country. Even at age 95, Bill Pollard said he still thinks about the war all the time.  

"Overhead the sky was full of planes with bombers, paratroopers and ladders," said Pollard about that day 69 years ago. 

Like the ship, Pollard arrived to the beach on D-Day. He also saw many of his comrades die that day. 

"You're turning around and talking to him and you turn around and he doesn't have a head on," he recalls. 

Many World War II veterans say they did not know if they would make it home alive. Master Sgt. Howard Griffin was wounded in World War II, the Korean War and the War in Vietnam.  

"I am very lucky," said Griffin. "It's history, but I hope a lot of people don't forget it," when speaking of the sacrifices that were made.  

Glen Fisher said he lied about his age to enlist in the Army.  

"When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor that just means that I had to serve," Fisher said. "That's all there is to it." 

The images that are etched in their minds will always remain. Their hope is that for the rest of America, their sacrifices with never fade.

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