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Jeffersonville woman plans boutique child care

Miranda Griffin Todd Miranda Griffin Todd
Claudia Gatewood Claudia Gatewood

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A Jeffersonville woman is planning to open a boutique child care center, where parents shopping or walking downtown can drop off their kids off for a couple hours at a time.

Miranda Griffin Todd, a single mother herself, said she understands the value of a parent's personal time. She plans to use her early childhood development background to apply for a license in Indiana and open the business in October.

"Every parent needs support - there's no way around it - to do it well," Griffin Todd said. "I nurture their children so they can nurture themselves, so they can be fully there for their children."

Griffin Todd said she planned to offer services in shorter blocks of time, even down to a couple of hours, for busy parents. She's named the business "Blooms and Beasts" after her children's interests, flowers and wild animals.

The mother of Emma, 9, and Jackson, 5, said it was an opportunity to turn a profit and make ends meet in her own life. The biggest challenge will be getting potential customers to realize the business exists, said Claudia Gatewood, president of Jeffersonville's Downtown Merchants Association.

"It is going to be a challenge, but the biggest thing she's got going for her is her enthusiasm," Gatewood said, "for her business, her children, and for downtown."

The opening of the Big Four pedestrian bridge on the Indiana side of the Ohio River in November will be a big boost for all Jeffersonville businesses, Gatewood said.

The bridge will bring bicyclists and walkers about half a block from Griffin Todd's child care center.

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