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Homeowner stuck cleaning up trash dumped illegally

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The home in the 3500 block of Virginia Avenue. The home in the 3500 block of Virginia Avenue.
Beverly Weaver Beverly Weaver
Jim Mims Jim Mims

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A property owner moved from a house over a decade ago and no one has paid taxes or a mortgage on the property for at least 15 years. However, every time someone uses the house as a garbage dump, the homeowner says she gets in trouble with the city and has to pay up to get it cleaned up.


Beverly Weaver said she has not lived in the house in the 3500 block of Virginia Avenue since the 1990s. She and her ex-husband split and the house has been empty. Since then, people have squatted in the home, stolen the copper pipes, and filled the backyard with trash. When the time comes to clean up the mess, the city says she is still the legal home owner and she is responsible.


"I can't afford it," said Weaver, "I just can't afford to keep on cleaning this up, what other people throw in my yard."


Jim Mims, director of the Louisville Metro Department of Codes and Regulations, said Weaver's story is becoming increasingly common.


"In the past five or six months we've been in this kind of real estate crisis," said Mims, "a lot of property owners have gone into foreclosure. A lot of people have abandoned their property."


Mims said the department is only doing its job by locating and citing the title holder. However, Weaver feels she should not be held accountable when people illegally dump items. According to Mims, the only way around a problem like this is to transfer the title by selling or donating the property. He said the department does encourage residents to make contact if they are having trouble maintaining their property.


"Stay in touch work with your inspector," said Mims, "develop a time frame that works with the code enforcement officer and let's try to resolve these problems ourselves."

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