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Five questions for Michelle Dillingham

Michelle Dillingham Michelle Dillingham

FOX19 spoke with first time Cincinnati City Council candidate Michelle Dillingham to ask her our five questions for city council candidates. Michelle is one of the 21 people vying for the 9 city council seats. Her responses are below.

Tell us about yourself

Dillingham lives in Kennedy Heights with her husband and her son who has Cerebral Palsy. She is originally from Boston but moved to Cincinnati to attend grad school for social work at UC. Once her family figured out that their son has special needs, they stayed for the wonderful care at Children's Hospital.

Currently, Dillingham is a social worker. She also serves as the Community Council President for Kennedy Heights. She has served on their board for 8 years. This is her first time running for a major office.

Do you think privatized parking is a good idea?

Dillingham says she usually doesn't believe in privatizing public assets because companies aren't required to offer the accountability and transparency for the citizens the government has. Dillingham says the parking lease isn't ideal but understands that revenue was needed to keep police and fire services in tact.

Do you support the streetcar project?

Dillingham says she's a huge fan of public transportation. She told us that good, thriving cities have great transportation grids and systems. She believes the streetcar, and any future expansion of the route, should be a part of our regional public transportation strategy so we can be competitive with other cities.

What do you think about the condition of our public schools?

Dillingham says CPS has come a long way with the master facilities plan. Dillingham also states that public education is struggling because of severe budgets cuts.  Lastly, she says that given the percentage of CPS students living in poverty, the administration is doing the best they can.

What do you think would make Cincinnati a better place to live?

Dillingham says that Cincinnati has a lot of good things going on but she'd like to see more good paying jobs come to the area so people could enjoy what our city has to offer without being tied down by poverty.

You can learn more about Michelle Dillingham on her campaign website.

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