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Camm trial 9/26: Defense expert says blood stains did not come from splatter

David Camm David Camm
Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives) Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)
The garage at the Camm home - the scene of the murders. The garage at the Camm home - the scene of the murders.

LEBANON, IN (WAVE) - David Camm likely got his wife's blood on him, not from shooting her at such close range that it spattered onto his left shoe and one of his socks, but from an effort to revive his son and then running for help. That was the testimony of a renowned blood-pattern analyst Thursday morning during Camm's third murder trial.

"These are transfer stains, not projected stains," defense witness Barie Goetz testified. 

"And stains of a feather stay together," Camm's lead counsel, Richard Kammen added later. 

Camm's team hired Goetz to review the collected evidence and the findings from the state's two blood pattern analysts; Tom Bevel of the Indiana State Police and Rod Englert, a private consultant specializing in crime scene reconstruction. 

Both Bevel and Englert have concluded that Camm could have gotten eight small dots of blood on his t-shirt only by shooting his 5-year-old daughter Jill at close range. Both also have told jurors that an ovoid blood stain on Camm's left shoe likely is splatter from standing close to his wife Kimberly when she fell to the garage floor after being shot. 

"I disagree, it's a transfer stain," Goetz testified. 

Goetz told the jury he holds a Bachelor's degree in Medical Technology, a Master's in Forensic Science and has more than 35 years experience in blood pattern analysis. He based his findings after conducting experiments using human blood, gym shoes and socks similar to Camm's and reenactors to recreate the crime scene; both as investigators recorded it, and employing Camm's account of events prior to summoning authorities. 

Goetz agreed with Bevel and Englert that Camm's right shoe could have made a bloody print that investigators found in the garage and photographed as evidence.  

No investigator has identified where that print was found. But based on the crime scene as photographed, and Camm's own claims, Goetz concludes that Camm may have stepped onto his wife's pants, which were soaked in blood, as he performed cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a failed effort to save their 7-year-old son Bradley. 

"A pool of blood (on the floor itself) would have created a greater-volume stain, not as precise as what we found," Goetz told the jury. 

Goetz added the print itself is consistent with the shoe's wearer raising up on his toes, as if running or reaching or attempting to remove or place an object. Goetz concluded investigators likely found the print on the right side of the garage, where Camm would have parked, near the exit door to the outside.

In recorded interrogations, Camm has indicated that he ran across the road to a relative's home for help after discovering the bodies and attempting CPR on Brad. Camm's uncle, Nelson Lockhart, confirmed that contact in testimony yesterday. 

Goetz also asserts that Camm could have gotten blood stains on his left gym shoe and a sock if the loops of his laces bounced across the surface of his shoe as he ran. 

"Projected blood doesn't look like this – its shape is inconsistent," Goetz told jurors. "This stain is surrounded by transfer stains, and it is a stain that is ‘reproduceable.'" 

Goetz acknowledge that he was unable to recreate the ovoid stain in question, through five attempts to run in similar gym shoes with laces soaked in blood.

"I was able to create it by dragging a bloody lace across the shoe," Goetz said. 

The other stains are in a radius, consistent with a shoelace loop striking the surface as a wearer ran, Goetz added. Further, Goetz told jurors the shapes of the stains indicate the lace could have gotten wet with blood pouring from the head wound of Kim Camm, whose body lay next to Bradley's.

Goetz will detail his findings from examination of Camm's t-shirt Thursday afternoon.

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