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Amazing transformation: Couple loses almost 250 pounds

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Deena and Rob Philpot Deena and Rob Philpot
A family photo shows the Philpots before their weight loss. A family photo shows the Philpots before their weight loss.
Rob and Deena show off the larger jeans they once wore. Rob and Deena show off the larger jeans they once wore.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Two hundred fifty pounds is more than some of us will ever weigh in our lifetimes. Over the past two years, a southern Indiana couple has lost almost that much weight.

Most people have that pair of pants we used to wear that we hang onto just in case we might be able to fit into them again. Rob and Deena Philpot hope they never do.

"I put my whole body in one leg last night," Deena said.

Today Deena is 142 pounds lighter than when she wore those pants.

"It's amazing. You know, I had a family reunion this summer," she said. "So when they walk in, they're like, 'Oh my gosh! What happened to you?' I'm like, 'I'm half the person I used to be.'"

Her turning point was a picture snapped of the couple at a Christmas party in 2011.  Through the lens, she saw clearly.

"This was at a work function so I couldn't stop her from taking pictures," said Deena. "So I get back to work a few days later and she had posted them on the company intranet and I pull it up and I was like, 'Oh my gosh.' You look at yourself through rose colored glasses sometimes and you don't realize how far you've let yourself go but the picture doesn't lie."

At 288 pounds, Deena wasn't really having health problems, just problems with everyday life.

"Normal things like going up the steps at work and climbing the steps at our house, I would get out of breath," she said, "just normal housework, hard to get down on the floors because my knees would hurt."

Her 267 pound husband, Rob, had high blood pressure and Type II diabetes. He took two injections a day to control his diabetes. 

"I took my blood sugar and it was 470," said Rob.

A normal reading is between 80 and 120. Then Rob said he had to pay more to ride horses during a family trip to Gatlinburg. It was eye-opening. 

"This is embarrassing to me," said Rob, "but how is it embarrassing to our son?"

So the couple made a change. First Deena and then Rob joined Weight Watchers.

"If you're going to do it and you want to keep the weight off forever, you have to change your whole life," Deena said.

The Philpots have changed the way they eat.

"Are you happier with the food or are you happier with the health? That's what you've got to look at," said Rob.

They started exercising. Deena says she works out four to five days a week. This past spring, she ran the 13.1 mile Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.

"I mean I'm, I'm proud of it," said Deena. "I've got the sticker on my car too."

"Right now, I weigh three pounds less than I weighed at 19 coming out of basic training," said Rob.

Combined, they've lost 244 pounds, but feel like they've gained so much more.

"I hope that we've set a good example for our son," Deena said. "Right now, he doesn't have a weight problem, but obviously it runs in our genes ... and I don't want him to ever have to fight it the way that I've had to fight it my whole life."

Rob said when he thinks back, he thinks, "what could I have done? Did I miss out on -- now did I? I mean it's in the past, how do you answer that?"

That picture from their past, that started it all now hangs on the refrigerator door to motivate them for the future.

"I want to look at that to know where I came from and where I'm never going back again," Deena said.

People sometimes talk about the cost of being healthier. The choices Rob says he makes in food alone did raise their grocery bill, plus the cost he and Deena pay for the Weight Watchers program. Rob said though he's saved everything that they've spent getting healthier in the medication he no longer takes for his diabetes and high blood pressure. Both, his doctor said are now considered a past medical condition.

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