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Lt. Governor's wife opens up about breast cancer diagnosis

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Madeline Abramson Madeline Abramson
Madeline Abramson (center) with her son Sidney (left) and husband Jerry (left) Madeline Abramson (center) with her son Sidney (left) and husband Jerry (left)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - October is breast cancer awareness month. Sadly, the disease has touched most families. According to, one in eight women in the United States will get breast cancer, but the wife of Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson never thought it would be her.

Madeline Abramson is still the same friendly, warm and energetic woman you have seen for years. You would never know about six months ago she got news that stopped everything.

"Life is what happens to you when you are planning something else," Madeline Abramson said.

She had gone in for a routine mammogram and then got the diagnosis she had breast cancer.

"I think for anyone who receives health news of that sort, it feels surreal, you don't expect it.  And the next step is what to do next," she said.

Abramson said the hardest thing is to tell the people you love you have this challenge, "because you spend your life wanting to take care of the people around you who love you and you love."

Abramson didn't waste any time. She had surgery at a local facility to remove the cancer and then underwent radiation. The cancer was diagnosed very early. The message she has spread to Kentuckians for years of being proactive about your health, through screenings and prevention, paid off in a big way.

"I know so many people all been guilty of thinking I feel great I don't need to keep that routine mammogram appointment. Or colonoscopy, or whatever, but thank goodness, I kept it."

Breast cancer does not run in her family. In the beginning, she and her husband only told family members and close friends she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

"We wanted to wait until the majority of treatment course was behind me so I could tell people I've been through this and I'm feeling good," she said.

Abramson said she plans to continue her busy schedule and spread the word about early detection.

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