Hillview Police Chief charged in Federal indictment

Hillview Police Chief Glenn Caple
Hillview Police Chief Glenn Caple
Thomas Clay
Thomas Clay

HILLVIEW, KY (WAVE) - A Kentucky police chief is under Federal indictment accused of trying to cover up a mobile meth lab for another official and then lying about it to the FBI.

"There was a relationship between the mayor and the (police) chief, but it was professional," said attorney Thomas Clay who's representing Hillview Police Chief Glenn Caple.

Clay says Caple did nothing wrong.

Federal prosecutors beg to differ in a one count indictment filed Tuesday in U.S.District Court. The indictment accuses Chief Caple of trying to cover up a suspected mobile meth lab in January of 2012 at another elected officials house. Clay confirmed that official is the Mayor of Hillview James Eadens.

Two separate sources close to the investigation said the background for the federal indictment came a few months earlier.

At the end of 2011, one of the mayor's sons Jason Eadens was arrested when police say they found remnants of a meth lab in the family's garage. In January, Eadens was still in jail. At that time, investigators say Chief Caple got a call from the Mayor asking him to check out another possible meth lab behind his home. Sources allege it was a cover up for another one of the Mayor's family members.

According to the indictment, Chief Caple told his Hillview officers to move the backpack meth lab and that's when the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office received a phone call.

Lt. Mike Murdoch with the Bullitt County Sheriff's Office said, "The Bullitt County Sheriff's High Intensity Unit received a complaint of a meth lab in a field near the Hillview Lounge." He continued, "We received this information from the Chief of the Hillview Police Department that a female called it in anonymously to their police department."

The Hillview Lounge is near the Mayor's property.

Bullitt County Sheriff's were later told by an informant that the Chief ordered the meth lab moved from the Mayor's property.

The Sheriff turned the case over to the FBI and according to the indictment, Federal Investigators believe when they asked the Chief about his involvement he gave them false statements.

Clay says that's not true. He believes another Hillview officer, he wouldn't name, is out to get the chief. Clay said of Chief Caple's character, "The things I know about Chief Caple is that he has an impeccable reputation for integrity and he also has an impeccable reputation as a police officer."

We tried to reach the Hillview Mayor to get his side of the story, but his office said he was not available for comment.

If found guilty, the police chief could face up to five years in prison.

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