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East Longmeadow police crack $75,000 stolen property case

Police think they have cracked a case of stolen property, in an investigation that has gone on for several months across several Western Massachusetts towns.

"Tuesday morning, three different contractors called and reported to the East Longmeadow Police Department that they had been victims of break-ins overnight," said Sgt. Patrick Manley, of the East Longmeadow Police Department.

Those three were the latest in a string of home construction robberies that have happened in East Longmeadow, Ludlow, Wilbraham, South Hadley and other towns in the area.  Items that were stolen varied in size and value, from tools and siding, to a hot tub. The investigation led police to a home in Springfield.

"We were able to view items in the backyard from a little bit of a distance, but we could see the labeling," said Manley. "We saw the siding and the labeling. It was clearly the same siding, same color, same everything."

That led to a warrant and police taking back truck loads of stolen items. Manley estimated the value to be $75,000. Over the last three days, the builders who have been victims are happily picking up their once stolen property.

"When [builders] lose that stuff, they go to work in the morning and the tools aren't there," Manley stated. "Now they have to replace them right away. They can't wait for an insurance settlement. They need to go out and purchase tools. They don't have time to wait for the insurance guy."

Manley told CBS 3 that no arrest has been made, but the investigation continues.

He said the public can help, as they may have purchased some of the stolen items without even realizing it.

Anyone with details is asked to contact East Longmeadow Police.

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