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Standoff ends peacefully with suspect in custody

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HAYSVILLE, IN (WAVE) - A man is behind bars after a six hour standoff with police in Dubois County, Indiana, in the town of Haysville.  

Haysville Police got a call at 10:45 Saturday morning to the 600 block of Seitz Street.  Dubois County Sheriff Donny Lampert said a neighbor reported hearing  gunshots and saw a woman running through the yard with a gun in her hand. 

When police got to the scene, the woman told the cops she had taken the gun for protection and was running from a man inside the house. Neighbors said the man was her boyfriend, Brian Keith Mehringer, 46.  Police said they were advised that more guns were in the house. 
"We tried to make contact throughout the whole day," said Lampert. "We tried to make contact by cell phone, by bullhorn."  He added that officers heard a second gunshot and suspect Brian Mehringer refused to come out or respond. 

Indiana State Police assisted with the standoff situation.  Lampert said negotiators brought a robot and a ram.  He said law enforcement rammed windows and doors  and sent the surveillance robot in.  According to police, the robot was unable to locate the suspect.

Eventually police went into the home and arrested Mehringer.  Lampert said when officers stormed in Mehringer was sitting at a table.  Police used a taser gun on Mehringer after, according to them, he refused commands.  
Officers said they did recover a gun and Mehringer was covered in what appeared to be a black soot residue.  The sheriff said that may be consistent with a person who fired a gun.  He said when Mehringer was arrested he appeared "distraught and depressed."

Mehringer was taken to Memorial Hospital to be medically evaluated before being taken to the Dubois County Jail & charged with criminal recklessness.  According to the Dubois County Sheriff's Department Mehringer is being housed in a padded cell. 

Police said the woman involved was released.  More charges could be forthcoming for Mehringer, according to police.  

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