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Questions surface about flood insurance after weekend storms

Greg Kosse Greg Kosse

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Phones rang nonstop at many insurance agencies Monday, after weekend storms flooded apartments and basements throughout Louisville.

"We've received quite a few calls from all the rain that we had over the weekend," said Greg Kosse, a spokesperson for Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance. "People are asking about whether or not there's coverage for the water that's built up in basements or just around the house."

Kosse said it's a common misconception that home and renters insurance covers flooding. It doesn't. In fact, flooding insurance is a separate policy.

"Flood insurance is actually something you can purchase if you're in a floodplain," said Kosse. "It's a program through the federal government."

Flood insurance is provided through the National Flood Insurance Program run by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Kosse said while not living in a floodplain makes a person ineligible for flood insurance, it does not mean homeowners have to go unprotected.

"Typically surface water under your standard insurance policy is not covered," explained Kosse. "Any kind of surface water that might come in through the basement or through a window well or something like that nature is not covered - unless you've purchased the sump pump endorsement."

According to Kosse, sump pump endorsements are offered in addition to homeowner's insurance, providing residents coverage for certain water damage.

"Water that backs up through a sump pump or water that backs up through your drain in the basement," began Kosse, "You can go out and purchase a sump pump endorsement and you'll find that you'll have coverage for that type of loss."

Under a sump pump endorsement, contents, or personal property would be insured.

"It's going to cover the items; carpeting, things of that nature that are in the basement," said Kosse.

Without the sump pump endorsement, Kosse said those items would otherwise be ruled a loss.

"Insurance typically does not cover items that are highly predictable or are preventable," said Kosse.

Kosse encouraged homeowners speak with an insurance agent to determine if they qualify for flood insurance and whether a sump pump endorsement is a viable option to insure their home.

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