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Stink bugs are here to stay

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Chances are you have noticed an unusual bug hanging out in your home lately and you are not alone. There's a new critter in town and it is taking over fast.

They are known as stink bugs and they have increased in a dramatic fashion over the past 24 months. It's time to know what they are all about because they are here to stay.

"People are fearful because they have no idea what these are doing and what's going to happen." said Ray Niemi, with Black Diamond Pest Control.

What has happened is the dramatic increase of the number of these bugs in Kentuckiana.

Now that the weather is turning cooler they are looking for a warm spot to remain cozy for the winter and that just may be your home.

"You will see them on certain days like this, when it is warm but cool out. They will be attracted to the house," Niemi said, "They are new to our area. They are one insect that did not come from here."

In fact, they came from China. It's believed they hitched a ride on an airplane which landed in Philadelphia around 1998. That was when the first spotting of the stink bug was noticed. And due to the warm summers and winters of 2010 and 2011, they have expanded in numbers and location.

But are they harmful to people?

"They aren't. There is no disease they cause. More of a nuisance pest. People don't like them in their house because they are big and scary looking," said Niemi.

They are scary looking to ward off predators, but most stink bugs love vegetation.

"They like any sort of fruit trees, soybeans, tomatoes. If you have a garden they can start feeding on that," Niemi said.

So what can you do to help keep them out of your home? It starts with looking for any point of entry.

"Like if you have little cracks and gaps. They will start getting themselves into those areas and they will find a place to get into over winter," said Niemi.

If the infestation grows too large. You will need to call in the professionals as these little guys are here to stay even if we're in store for a colder winter.

You may be wondering why are they called a stink bug? It is because of the odor they release when they feel threatened or when smashed, which actually smells like the herb cilantro.

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