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McCutcheon multiples are finally home

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Ryan McCutcheon, Stacy Stevens and baby Kollin Ryan McCutcheon, Stacy Stevens and baby Kollin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A few months ago, we introduced you to a Kentuckiana family whose life has been turned upside down in a good way!

Their family doubled in a matter of months. Their journey has been filled with love, heartache and now a lot of diapers and bottles!

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It was back in July, when we introduced you to Stacy Stevens and Ryan McCutcheon. The reality of having multiples was setting in back then. They found out they were having quadruplets. The babies were conceived without any type of fertility drugs or invitro fertilization. The odds of that are extremely rare.

"I looked at her and said I'm so sorry," said McCutcheon.

Their family of four was about to grow to eight in just a matter of months. Stacy went into labor early at 27 weeks on May 31. The babies spent months at Kosair Children's Hospital. They were born just a few pounds connected to enough wires to concern any parent. Then the heartache, one of their babies, little Brinley, didn't make it out of the hospital.

"She had a brain bleed," said McCutcheon.

Fast forward four months and the three babies are finally home.

"Everything is great," said McCutcheon. "Bunch of babies."

Kollin, Bennett and Kinley are finally home. You might expect things to be chaotic in their home, turns out it isn't.

"Go back down for a nap, wake up again, eat change, go back down again," said Stevens. "They are really easy. You just have to stick to a really tight schedule. They are excellent."

They go through 15 to 20 diapers a day. When one starts crying, the others follow shortly.  Stacy and Ryan said not a day goes by they don't wish Brinley could have been here, too.

"We miss her everyday of course," said McCutcheon.

In the end, they're just grateful to be all together. 

Stacy and Ryan documented their journey on Facebook, they are still doing that. The McCutcheon Quads page now has over 12,000 likes.

Because Ryan and Stacy shared their story with WAVE 3 News, a team from Dreft Detergent in Cincinnati felt like they had to do something to help out the McCutcheon babies. They put together three huge gift baskets full of detergent, clothes, blankets all of the essentials to help the family out. It caught Stacy and Ryan completely by surprise. They are grateful for all the love and support they've gotten from their community, including the staff at Kosair Children's Hospital who made it possible for them to bring the babies home.

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