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WAVE 3 News Editorial - October 10, 2013: Post-Game Handshakes

By Ken Selvaggi - email
WAVE 3 News Vice President and General Manager

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Post game handshakes seem to be more of a concern for the Kentucky High School Athletic Association than academic standards.

We suggest review of the policy that allows students to participate in athletics with two F's. It may just be that those are the athletes who are creating post game trouble in the first place.

It certainly is ok for the KHSAA to advise schools to get a handle on disturbances following the traditional handshake after the games or they could face sanctions.

It doesn't make too much sense to recommend to the schools that they discontinue the practice, as the KHSAA did this week.

We applaud the Jefferson County Public Schools for saying they will continue to allow the practice and encourage other systems to do so as well.

The key is getting a handle on the apparent increase in incidents where high school students are emulating the adults they see in our society who have sportsmanship issues.

Modifying our behavior is a start since the student athletes take their cue from us.  Equally important is for the athletic departments at each school to police it better and create a culture in the programs where students won't find it acceptable to create post game disturbances.   

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