Louisville woman looks to Nashville for big break

Lindsay Willinger
Lindsay Willinger

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville woman is hoping to make it big the old fashioned way, singing in Nashville. After nine years in music city she believes she's getting close.

Lindsay Willinger, 28, was back in her hometown of Louisville to perform at a charity event.

She belted out hit after hit, including Aretha Franklin's "Respect," a word she said finally applies how contacts in the music industry treat her, "I have some contacts now, but now I gotta get the songs to give to those contacts, so songwriters. I need some songs!"

Her big voice is a surprise coming from such a small frame, "They call me lung legs because I was all lungs and legs is what they say," she joked.

Willinger has been working as a demo singer for songwriters who use to shop songs for the stars in Nashville. "Everybody loves 'em and they think they're great and everything, but it's just so hard 'cuz I'm sure they get a million great demos," she said of her work.

She's taken steps to try and stand out, even coloring her stands of naturally brown hair to purple, black and white and now gray – a color she was surprised to hear her parents approve of, "Surprisingly they really liked my hair. I was excited about that, usually they are like 'Lindsay what are you doing?'"

Now she's doing something she's never done before, writing songs.

"If you're gonna get that great song it's gotta come from somewhere, like well, might as well come from me," she said.

Willinger said she will keep with the covers for now along with the faith her shining moment will come.

"It's just kind of a God thing. You gotta be at the right place at the right time," she said.

But whether she finds the right place of not, she said she will continue to pursue her dream, "I'm probably never going to stop. I mean it's my favorite thing."

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