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Inmate accused of plotting to kill teen from behind bars

Richard Schlacta (LVMPD) Richard Schlacta (LVMPD)

A man who faces charges for allegedly sexually assaulting a 13-year-old at Woodbury Middle School on Aug. 28 could face more charges for plotting to kill the alleged victim while in jail.

Richard Schlacta, 48, faces multiple charges including sexual assault, kidnapping and battery with a deadly weapon.

"This man is facing serious, serious prison time," said Steve Wolfson, Clark County District Attorney. "Usually when people are facing that kind of consequence, many times they become desperate."

The DA's office says they discovered Schlacta was plotting with another inmate to kill the victim after he obtained court documents with the girl's address on them. Their office says an unidentified inmate wrote a letter to the family warning them of the alleged plot.

Wolfson said his office has worked on measures to protect the victim, including placing Schlacta in isolation and removing any contact with family or other visitors.

"He's in isolation and not in contact with any other inmates. He has restricted access to the public, not his attorney," Wolfson said. 

Schlacta's attorney, Mace Yampolsky, said he hasn't spoken to his client since this plot allegedly happened.

"I'm taken aback, based on my conversations with him," Yampolsky said. "I never expected anything like this."

When asked about his client receiving documents in regards to him getting the victim's address, Yampolsky said this is often necessary. 

"Frankly, if you don't review discovery with your clients, I think it's ineffective assistance of counsel," he said. 

If further charges are brought against Schlacta, Yampolsky said he will represent him.

"If the DA determines that there is probable cause, they could charge him in addition with solicitation to commit murder," Yampolsky said.

Yampolsky said he will contest any further charges against his client if the DA's office pursues these measures.

Meanwhile, Yampolsky didn't give specifics about his client's sexual assault charges as he said he is still reviewing the details.

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