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Jeena Roberts found guilty of bail jumping


Jeena Roberts was found guilty of bail jumping on Wednesday morning.

She was sentenced to 7 years, but Judge Darnell said he will allow Roberts to serve the bail jumping sentence concurrently with her 15-year sentence for intoxicated manslaughter.

Closing arguments wrapped up with the prosecution asking the jury to not overlook the evidence that Roberts knowingly failed to report for her sentence.

The prosecution said that some cases simply can't be defended because the evidence is too strong against the defendant, as in Roberts' case. 

After a short deliberation by the jury, Jeena Roberts was found guilty of bail jumping.

Due to a delayed flight, Roberts' father, Craig Roberts, was not present for the trial Tuesday. He had been scheduled to testify for the defense. He was present for the trial Wednesday morning but elected not to testify.

Roberts was released from custody on the condition she would report to the Lubbock County jail on Jan. 7, 2013 to begin serving her sentence for Intoxicated Manslaughter.

When she failed to appear, a warrant was issued for her arrest on Jan. 9.

She was found staying at a hotel in Houston, Texas and was arrested by US marshals 14 days after she failed to report.

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