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Indiana Big Four ramp faces another bump in the road

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The foot of the Indiana ramp to the Big Four Bridge. The foot of the Indiana ramp to the Big Four Bridge.
Herbert Binder and Rita Hinton Herbert Binder and Rita Hinton
Preston Pace Preston Pace

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - It's one of Louisville's most popular waterfront attractions, but people who live across the river won't get to use the Indiana approach to the Big Four Bridge for awhile. The Indiana ramp to the pedestrian bridge has been delayed again.

Our partners over at the News and Tribune say it's all linked to the lighting. A change in the lighting scheme to better fit the historic neighborhood pushed the Indiana ramp opening back at least six months. It was supposed to happen November 1, but now the News and Tribune says it's delayed indefinitely.

Wednesday may not have been the best day to show you how much people love the Big Four Bridge.

"It's just a different feeling than walking other places and we enjoy downtown," said pedestrian Rita Hinton.

Then again, just the fact that Hinton and Herbert Binder took their bi-weekly stroll despite the cloudy, wet skies might give you a hint that this bridge has a lot of fans.

"It's a good experience, this bridge is," Binder said. "It's actually the best thing that's happened in a long time here in Louisville."

From a flash mob proposal to countless family outings over the Ohio River, tens of thousands have enjoyed the pedestrian bridge, but businesses in Jeffersonville can't currently join the party because the ramp to the Indiana side still isn't finished.

"We've talked about maybe walking over for lunch at one of the restaurants and enjoying the riverfront," said Hinton.

"I'm sure it brings a lot of attraction to the area, so it will be a good thing," Preston Pace said.

Pace manages Cluckers on Jeffersonville's riverfront. Like many businesses near the planned Big Four Station Park at the foot of the ramp, he's looking forward to increased foot traffic and more business.

"I hope so," said Pace. "It will be a great thing for the city, a great thing for both areas: Louisville and Indiana so I think it should be a good thing for us. I hope they get it done soon."

Project managers told the News and Tribune the best they can do is offer hope the ramp will be open now by the end of November. In the meantime, Hinton and others on the Big Four Bridge for what it currently has to offer.

"We just enjoy walking," Hinton said. "We're here for the exercise."

The News and Tribune reports that the Big Four Bridge is so popular that just over a nine-day span in June 45,000 pedestrians and 4,500 bikes used it.

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