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Card fans worried Behanan won't come back

Chane Behanan Chane Behanan
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It came as shocking news to Card fans Thursday afternoon: University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino announced star player, Chane Behanan is suspended indefinitely. Pitino said the junior violated University and team rules, even going as far to say, "Right now, Chane is not part of the team."

As word quickly spread on Twitter fans began calling Louisville Radio Sports Talk Shows like The Afternoon Underdogs on 790 KRD.

Fans said with Behanan moved out of the team dorm and Athletic Director Tom Jurich also being involved in the decision, they know it's serious.

Word came the same day, that sports radio hosts Tony Vanetti and Dave Jennings thought they'd be talking about pre-season basketball rankings with Kentucky ranked #1 and Louisville #3, but that big story got no air time. All calls focused on the surprise announcement that the UofL power forward, a major contributor in the National Championship is indefinitely off the team.

A caller to the show said, "I don't think we repeat without Chane, we need Chane!"

Early Birds host Jody Demling weighed in after talking to Coach Pitino, "He said, it's just really disheartening, the fact that the kid doesn't listen."

Coach Pitino said of Behanan, "He's a loveable guy, he really is, but if we don't act now, he has no chance to prosper later on in life."  The coach wouldn't say exactly what Behanan did, but says four days ago, he was given a list of rules and already broke one.

Athletic Director Tom Jurich was brought in for the decision to move Behanan out of the team dorm and out of the line-up for who knows how long.  When you move from the big eye when they can watch after you and 24 hour surveillance and keep an eye on you that's trouble," said Afternoon Underdogs show host Tony Vanetti, "Especially for a kid who's already in trouble and he's in that environment already."

Vanetti and co-host Dave Jennings are split on what's next for Behanan. Vanetti told us, "There's a good possibility that Chane Behanan has played his last game as a UofL Cardinal."

Jennings isn't so sure, "I think Chane might decide, hey that's it, I've messed around a little and I'm not listening to coach but I better do it now," he continued, "Or I'm gone and what are my options? Go overseas now? Or get better with this team and a group of guys that I desperately love and a university that I love."

Pitino says Behanan is out for November. If he comes back, December would be the earliest.

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