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After 60 years, Louisville will celebrate veterans on 11-11-13

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LOUISVILLE, KY- (WAVE) It had been sixty years since Louisville celebrated its veterans with a parade.  On November 11th, the 11th day of the 11th month in the year 2011, a group of dedicated Louisvillians put what they thought would be a one-time ceremony together again.

Now three years later, the veteran's parade is just like our American spirit.  It will not die.

"This is the one day that we can look at a veteran...thank them for making the life we've got possible," said Wayne Hettinger parade co-chair and veteran.

Americans enjoy a life of liberty and privileges unknown by so many others in our world.

Hettinger continues, "It's a celebration for all those men and women who have worn the American uniform past and present."

The Louisville Veteran's Day Parade is gearing up for the celebration of Veteran's Day on November 11th at 11 a.m. in downtown Louisville.  The month, the day, the time and the people it celebrates are all very important.

Parade co-chair Dell Courtney proudly shares a little American History about Veteran's Day and the parade. "The ceasefire that started that 11:11 a.m. on the 11th day of the 11th month.  Our parade is always on Veteran's Day regardless of the day of the week."

The parade committee has put its heart and soul into this celebration in thanks to every soldier who put their life on the line for America and our freedom.

"I think about those guys that paid the ultimate and this is a chance to say thank you.  The route starts at 4th and chestnut.  It's come down 4th street.  Takes a left on main.  We'll mass in front of the Kentucky center for the arts," Hettinger proudly explains.

To make it a big success and a true symbol of gratitude, he explains they need the city to show its true colors and support.

"Bring a flag if you've got one.  Let's wear red white and blue," Hettinger pleads with great excitement.

For more information on events that day or to register a booth or a unit, visit  Plus, WAVE 3 News will feature a veterans picture parade just send the pictures of the vets you love to

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