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Signups on health insurance exchange sites still a bumpy road

Samantha Davis Samantha Davis
Miranda Maddox Miranda Maddox
Keith McGraw Keith McGraw
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People in Indiana are among the millions trying to use that federal health insurance exchange website and having problems. Meanwhile, Kentucky's health insurance exchange is being called one of the best in the country. We looked into why the big contrast in the results people are getting.

Signing up for health care can be a drag. There are loads of personal questions, about your income, your medical history. It could be a taxing process, but it's more likely to be smooth sailing if you live in Kentucky.

"I've always seen the wave of relief on people's faces," said Samantha Davis, a Kynector, one of the specialists that help Kentuckians sign up for coverage, "especially the parents of younger kids that don't have any health care coverage right now."

The open enrollment period is an occasion that millions of uninsured have been looking forward to.

"I tried to hurry up and make it before the deadline and everything so I can be able to go to the clinics and doctors like I'm supposed to," said Miranda Maddox, one of the Kentuckians signing up for coverage.

Combined, Kentucky and Indiana have more than a million uninsured people. Getting covered seems to be a little harder for Hoosiers.

Indiana uses navigators to aid resident trying to sign up for a plan. Insurance agents can also get a certification to be able to sell plans off of the exchange. That's what agents at Health Insurance by Design did. Owner Keith McGraw said they haven't been able to sign up a single person.

"All the issues are on their end," said Keith McGraw, "where we haven't been able to get on"

Kyle McGraw, Keith's son and a fellow agent, said almost 20 people have come through their office, but each time the federal website fails.

"Today was actually the very first day that I've been able to go through the whole process and actually get to the plans to enroll somebody into the exchange," said Kyle McGraw.

While the rollout hasn't been glitch-free, Kyle said it will be worth it once all the bugs are finally taken care of.

If you are still confused about how to sign up, visit our page dedicated to the Affordable Care Act by clicking here.

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