Camm trial 10/22: Case goes to the jury

David Camm
David Camm
Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)
Kim, Bradley and Jill Camm (Source: WAVE 3 Archives)

LEBANON, IN (WAVE) – After eight weeks of testimony, the fate of David Camm is in the hands of a jury for the third time.

The jury from Boone County must decide if Camm is guilty of the murders of his family – wife Kim, 35, son Bradley, age 7, and daughter Jill, age 5. The three were found shot to death in the garage of the Camm home in Georgetown, Indiana on the night of September 28, 2000.

Camm was convicted on two previous occasions for the murders. Both convictions were overturned on appeal.

One person has been convicted of the murders of the Camm family. Charles Darnell Boney is serving a 225-year sentence for killing the family.

Besides three counts of murder, jurors have also been told they can find Camm guilty of "aiding, abetting or causing Charles Boney to commit the murders." For a finding of guilt, the state does not need to prove that Camm personally participated in the crime, but that he aided Boney in committing it by either providing incentive or opportunity to do so.

Camm cannot be found guilty of aiding, abetting or causing merely if he knew a crime was being committed. He had to knowingly or intentionally cause it, make it possible, or fail to prevent it.

Jurors can find aiding, abetting or causing by circumstantial evidence alone, but in doing so, must exclude "every reasonable explanation of innocence."

Aiding or abetting is not a separate charge from murder - Indiana law recognizes it as murder.

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