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Gibson trial day 2 and what to expect for day 3

William Clyde Gibson (Source: Pool photo by Scott Utterback, The Courier-Journal) William Clyde Gibson (Source: Pool photo by Scott Utterback, The Courier-Journal)
Christine Whitis (Source: Family photo) Christine Whitis (Source: Family photo)
Police gathering evidence at the Gibson home. Police gathering evidence at the Gibson home.

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – On the second day of his murder trial, William Clyde Gibson's two sisters were called to testify by the state because they were the two people who discovered the crime scene.

On April 19, 2012, Theresa Adam and Brenda Rayl went to their late mother's house in New Albany on Woodbourne Drive where their brother was living. They testified they stopped by to conduct business on their mother's estate. While looking for their brother inside, they found a woman dead in the garage.

Rayl testified that the body was in a strange position. Both sisters acknowledged that Whitis was a long time friend of the family and they did not recognize the woman they saw dead.

Before the sisters were called to testify, the state questioned two New Albany detectives who conducted multiple interviews with Gibson. The jury watched the video interviews where the officers were questioning Gibson's timeline of what happened.

A little more than two weeks after his arrest, Gibson wrote police several letters, while he was videotaped by police, confessing to graphic details surrounding Whitis' assault.

What doesn't add up, Gibson told police he killed Whitis shortly after she arrived at his house on Wednesday, April 18. However, the autopsy shows that Whitis was killed sometime early Thursday morning. Rayl testified that she spoke to her brother the day before the body was found and he seemed normal, not upset or impaired in anyway. Prosecutors aren't sure if Whitis was already dead at this point.

"Certainly we know she was there at what point in time she died, that remains to be seen," said Keith Henderson, the Floyd County prosecutor. "All we can say is that she was in the house in one way, shape, or form."

The jury also watched video surveillance of Gibson's arrest at Walmart.

When court resumes at 9 a.m. Wednesday, prosecutors warn the evidence and testimony that will be presented will be even more graphic. They say this is all necessary since Gibson faces the death penalty if convicted.

Henderson plans to call Indiana State Police Detective Bill Wibbels, the main crime scene technician. His testimony is expected to take all morning. Following Wibbels to the stand will be Pauletta McGuire, an ISP lab analyst and DNA expert.

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