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Residents, former prosecutors react to Camm not guilty verdict

Matthew Jones Matthew Jones
Kristi Klimesh Kristi Klimesh
Stan Faith Stan Faith
Keith Henderson Keith Henderson
Michael McDaniel Michael McDaniel

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - The three David Camm trials are estimated to cost more than $4 million. Floyd County has been footing a hefty portion of that bill over the last 13 years. While Floyd County residents are split about the outcome of the verdict, most can agree that the conclusion of the trial means relief of a financial burden.


The county faces a more than $3 million deficit. Residents say the expensive trials were zapping their resources.


"I'm glad it's over," said Matthew Jones, a Floyd County resident, "because now maybe the city and county can start doing things to help benefit the county instead of giving murderers a free walk."


"It sucks," said Kristi Klimesh, another Floyd County resident who was speaking about the cost. However, Klimesh said it was necessary to get to the truth.


"I thought they got it right this time," said Klimesh. "I'm the first person to admit that I thought he was guilty the first two times, but I followed the trial this time pretty closely and looking at the evidence, I think that he was not guilty."


WAVE 3 News also made contact with one of David Camm's former defense attorneys and former prosecutors to get their reactions about the case. Stan Faith, the prosecutor in the first case, said he has faith in the law.


"Obviously this jury did not believe beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty therefore they found him not guilty and the constitution says that that's it and the constitution is good enough for me," said Faith.


The current Floyd County prosecutor, Keith Henderson, was the man who tried Camm the second time. Henderson said he respects the decision the jury made, but he upholds that the decision made by the jury in the 2006 trial was also right.


"A different case, a different prosecutor, a different judge and a different time," said Henderson.


Michael McDaniel, Camm's defense attorney during his first trial, said he was overjoyed to hear the verdict and he feels that justice has been a long time coming.


"You live with something for over 12 years and finally it gets resolved and I was both elated and it was kind of like it pulled a plug out of me at the same time," said McDaniel. "It's an odd sensation."


McDaniel now wants all the families involved to heal.


"I'm just so sorry for the whole situation," said McDaniel.


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