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Deputies: Teen drivers racing behind wreck involving school bus

Crews in Ohio County respond to the scene of an accident involving a school bus Tuesday morning.

It happened around 7:30 a.m. near the 2600 block of Hwy 62 East between Beaver Dam and Rosine.

Deputies say a jeep and a truck, each with two passengers, were headed to Ohio County High School on Highway 62 E. towards Beaver Dam. They were all high school students at OCHS.

The Ohio County Sheriff's Office says the jeep and truck were racing and reaching speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

A school bus was traveling the opposite direction on Highway 62 E. was slowing to a stop to let off the bus monitor near the 2600 block of Highway 62 East.

The jeep drove past the school bus and the truck was traveling behind the jeep.

Deputies say as the school bus slowed to a stop and put its school bus lights on the truck hit its brakes causing them to lock up. The truck then hit the school bus.

The driver of the school bus was taken to a hospital in Ohio County. The bus monitor went to the hospital in Owensboro.

One passenger in the truck was taken to the hospital in Ohio County.

The driver of the jeep and truck were both charged with reckless driving.

Authorities say the names of the students and any more details about them are not going to be released because they are juveniles.

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