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Craighead Co. Health Dept. host flu clinic

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Craighead County Health Unit with the Arkansas Department of Health set up a flu-shot clinic at the St. Bernards Auditorium Wednesday. A steady stream of people came through from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Amy Howell with Craighead County Health said it's important to get the flu vaccine every year in order to be protected from the virus.

"Not only will it protect them, but it will protect people that are around them, their family, coworkers, friends.  We've got to get our community immunized against flu," said Howell.

Sarah Thiel a volunteer said, "It's a really good preventative measure for individuals who want to come out and get a flu shot especially if you're indoors a lot or at a facility where you work where you're around large numbers of people.  You're more likely to get the flu being around crowds."

According to the CDC, symptoms of the flu include fever, chills, sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle aches, fatigue, muscle aches, cough and headache.

Young children, people over 65 years of age, pregnant women and people with health conditions are highly recommended to get the vaccination.

Flu shots are given at the Craighead County Health Department.        

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