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Jeffersonville cop made 'mistake' in steroid case, lawyer says

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Anthony Mills (Source: ISP) Anthony Mills (Source: ISP)
Robert Wilcoxson (Source: ISP) Robert Wilcoxson (Source: ISP)
Larry Wilder Larry Wilder

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The Jeffersonville police officer who's accused of trying to buy fake steroids while in his squad car made a mistake, his lawyer said.

But Officer Tony Mills, who's on paid administrative leave, shouldn't lose his job over the case, said Larry Wilder, Mills' attorney.

"Poor judgement should not be the reason you lose your livelihood, poor judgement should not be the reason what you've worked for your entire life is taken from you," Wilder said.

Mills, 27, faces a felony charge of attempted possession of a controlled substance. He also faces administrative charges after Jeffersonville Police Chief Chris Grimm determined he violated department policies.

Indiana State Police said their detectives conducted a sting operation and caught Mills, driving his police car, trying to buy fake steroids from them. They arrested Mills and Robert Wilcoxson, 24, of Charlestown, a former Clark County corrections officer.

The city's Merit Commission received the formal charges Wednesday and Mills has five days to request a hearing on the administrative case, which Wilder said he plans to do.

The commission would hear evidence from police administrators and from Mills before deciding how to discipline the officer. Grimm didn't recommend a punishment in his three-page charging documents.

"What the administration would have to do is show a preponderance of evidence that (Mills) had committed misconduct under the rules," said Bob Bottorff, the commission's legal counsel.

The hearing will won't happen until at least the end of the year, Wilder said.

Steroids are a controlled substance in Indiana because they require a prescription to purchase. Wilder declined to say why his client was attempting to buy them.

"Anabolic steroids are not comparative to cocaine," he said. "I compare it to, if you bought Viagra from someone."

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