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Halloween storm forecast seems like trick to October flood victims

Ricky Williams Ricky Williams
Mike Grant Mike Grant
Susan Punter Susan Punter
Sandbags in front of Punter's garage door. Sandbags in front of Punter's garage door.
Dennis Thomasson of MSD Dennis Thomasson of MSD

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Were the gusts merely the growls of All Hallow's Eve, neighbors would pay little heed to the winds swirling around Jefferson County's Meadowview subdivision. But add water and it is enough to stir Beargrass Creek.

"And we all get a little on edge," said Ricky Williams, a homeowner.

Williams' sump-pump will work, unless the power goes out. He has no backup generator. Mike Grant, Williams' next-door neighbor, spent Halloween afternoon waiting for a glass contractor's estimate to replace the basement window, blown out from the Great Rain of four Sunday's ago.

WAVE 3 News asked if he were ready for the storms predicted with hours.

"I hope so," he sighed.

Susan Punter put out sandbags, to greet whatever overflow meets her garage door.

"I think it'll just divert it a little," Punter said. "There's nothing left to damage"

Punter's basement had 39 inches of standing water October 5. She lost family antiques, and toys that her children might one day have called their own heirlooms.

Forecasts offered a bit of reassurance.

"On a scale of one to ten, I would expect it to be a 3 or 4," said Dennis Thomasson, director of emergency response for the Metropolitan Sewer District, "kind of a middle of the road event."

Significant flooding is not expected. Nevertheless, Meadowview is one of the many areas on MSD's watch-list given the watershed events earlier this month. Extra crews spent much of Thursday checking the areas hit most recently, clearing leaves from grates to ensure water runoff could drain.

"They (MSD) built a couple of retention basins about a mile, mile and a half of Beargrass Creek," Williams said. "But once they fill..."

"We actually haven't found a magic bullet for an October 5 event," Thomasson said.

Nature's wrath has offered some teachable moments.

"I guess I've learned don't put anything in your basement that's valuable," Grant said. He and his neighbors are mulling what they believe to be MSD's willingness to discuss buyouts of their homes.

"I might put a ‘For Sale' sign in the yard, just to see what I can do," Williams said.

Punter had no flood insurance. She's not sure she could get it now. But that hasn't shaken her resolve - yet.

"It's a house, but more like a home," she said. "If I don't have to, I don't want to go."

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