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Has someone died in your house?


A new website created by a South Carolina man aims to answer the eerie questions some homeowners, potential buyers or even renters may have.  

It's called diedinhouse.com, and for a payment, users can plug in their address. In return, they'll get information previous owners, including if they have passed on and if their death occurred on the property.

Roy Condrey, chief executive officer and president of the website, said knowing the history is a consumer affairs issue that can save or cost people a lot of money.

He says in South Carolina, it's not easy to find out from sellers if the property has a sordid history.

"In South Carolina, the law is, if the buyer asks and the seller knows, then the seller should tell the truth," said Condrey. "But no legal action can be held against them."  

Condrey says, superstitions aside, there can be big consequences if a buyer unknowingly takes on a murder house.

"A death in a home, especially a violent one, can depreciate the value down to 25 percent and take you 50-percent longer to sell," said Condrey.

One Simpsonville homeowner agreed to let FOX Carolina plug in his address for a history check.

"We've had unexplained events happening in the home before, and like everyone else, I'm sure you want to know where it came from, why it happened," said Cal Gould.  

 A search on diedinhouse.com found a previous owner had passed on but not inside the home.

The Goulds were relieved and say they can definitely see a value in this service.

"My wife and I would probably do a little research if buying again," said Gould. "If it had any final decision on purchasing a home, I don't think so."

Condrey says the website currently has millions of listings, but they are constantly working on updating their database. He says they do not have a comprehensive list of all deaths that have occurred. He says his crew gets information from government data and current events. He says the information is most accurate from the 1990s on but will continue to grow as they continue to add to the database.

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