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Firefighters fight to compete, raise funds for wounded warriors

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Wounded Wear provides free clothing modified to fit each soldier's injury or rehab need  to wounded warriors.  (Source: Wounded Wear) Wounded Wear provides free clothing modified to fit each soldier's injury or rehab need to wounded warriors. (Source: Wounded Wear)
Adriane Ramos Adriane Ramos
Captain Thomas Stowers Captain Thomas Stowers
Jason Redman Jason Redman

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - They know what is before them, the glory and the danger alike, but for some heroes quitting is never an option and neither is leaving anyone behind.

In 2013 three local Fire Fighters represented the city of Louisville and their brotherhood in the World Police and Fire Games, the third largest international multi-sport event in the world. 

Captain Thomas Stowers of the Louisville Fire Department explained, "There were an estimated 12,000 competitors."

Captain Thomas Stowers, Firefighter Adriane Ramos and Fire Fighter Jonathon Lucas were proud to be in Northern Ireland to showcase their strengths and Louisville's team. For the firefighters to even get to the games it took a lot of time, training and fundraising to pay for the trip. All things they've faced before.

With lots of pride Ramos said, "I was one of two females in our class, in my recruit class and I was the oldest one there."

With the same passion Captain Stowers stressed, "If we had accepted our first no and our first you can't do this, we wouldn't have gone."

The obstacles they faced just to get where they are today pushed them to do more and raise more but not just for themselves.

"Everybody knows about Wounded Warrior but they don't know about Wounded Wear. In our efforts to do our fund raising, we're able to give a portion of our fund raising to them," Ramos said.

With the help of Louisville's World Police and Fire Games team and others around the country, Wounded Wear provides free clothing to wounded warriors.  All the clothing is modified to fit each soldier's injury or rehab need.  Their mission is to help wounded warriors rediscover the hero within through clothing, clothing modifications, events and national awareness. Each wounded warrior in their care receives a wounded wear kit filled not only with clothing but inspiration from books, pictures and affirmations.

Jason Redman, wounded wear's founder and a veteran who once faced injuries that could have ended his life explained, "We will modify it with zippers, whatever they need around their prosthetics or any of the medical devices they need to heal."

Stowers, who is also a veteran, said, "The men and women that we have today that are out there on the front lines are seeing so much different trauma to their partners in the line of duty."

Stowers and Ramos look at those on the front line today as not only their brothers and sisters, but their heroes.

"We risk our lives in some cases for the community, for the public.  They risk their lives for the world, for our liberties," Ramos said.

In 2015, members from the Louisville Fire Department plan to represent Louisville at the Police and Fire Games in Fairfax, Virginia. The competition is done every other year but wounded soldiers are coming home every day. Their fund raising efforts for wounded wear will continue as will their efforts to be fit and fire fighting ready every minute of the day and night.

They also plan on sponsoring another Fitness Fest for the city and for Wounded Wear to raise not only money but awareness for healthy lives and healthy warriors after war. 

Click here to learn more about Wounded Wear on their YouTube Channel.

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