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Metro crews ready to battle winter's wrath

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Mayor Greg Fischer Mayor Greg Fischer
Matt Bullock Matt Bullock
Rick Caple Rick Caple

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – The snowfall we experienced overnight didn't amount to much, but when the flurries do start falling city leaders say Louisville Metro will be ready.

Hundreds of Louisville Metro government employees gathered Papa John's Cardinal Stadium to not only hear Mayor Greg Fischer's ice and snow battle plan, but to practice putting it to use.

Salt trucks, plows and briners are the weapons of mass destruction - the destruction of snow, that is.

"We are battle ready," said Fischer. "We are battle tested."

Summoning forth a fleet of 160 pieces of equipment and a manpower force of 265 city employees, Fischer gave the armed snow team their mission orders.

"We've got to step it up. When bad weather strikes, you guys do a good job," said Fischer. "We've got a lot to get after. We've got 2,700 miles, two-lane miles of roadways that we've got to keep clear and safe."

The mission was then put to the test with training as snow team members fanned out to practice their individual snow routes, which this winter you can monitor online.

"Plug in your address and you check whether or not you live on a snow route," said Fischer about the online snow status map, "and during a snow event you can check the map to see whether the street has already been plowed or salted in real time."

The coverage is made possible thanks to partnerships with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Jefferson County Public Schools. .

"Some of the equipment that you see out here today has been purchased through an agreement with the state," said Matt Bullock, KYTC District 5 chief engineer.

"This crew does such a good job," said Rick Caple, JCPS transportation services director, "it makes our life harder to call school off."

The collaborative effort is aimed at keeping the roads clear, you and your family safe, and Louisville Metro victorious in the battle against snow and ice.

While the snow team says they're ready for whatever may fall from the sky, they say keeping safe will require teamwork from you. So this winter, play it cautious if you must venture out.

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