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Councilwoman calls out MSD about overgrown ditch

The overgrown drainage ditch on Putman Avenue. The overgrown drainage ditch on Putman Avenue.
Councilwoman Attica Scott Councilwoman Attica Scott
Steve Tedder Steve Tedder
Ray Meyers Ray Meyers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville Metro councilwoman is calling on the Metropolitan Sewer District to clean up and cut back overgrown grass in a drainage ditch in her district.

Councilwoman Attica Scott (D-District 1) said she asked MSD on September 12 to clean the ditch on Putman Avenue. However, Scott said MSD told her they wouldn't be able to do it until January.  

MSD says it's not their responsibility it's the residents. Scott says it's MSDs.

"We have a drainage easement for that ditch, but what it does is it designates it that will be a ditch or drainage, but it is the property owner's responsibility," said Steve Tedder, a MSD spokesperson.

Ray Meyers lives across the street from the overgrown area and said no one in the neighborhood owns that ditch.

"Well they said they neighbors are responsible for it. That Mr. Tillman, myself and that guy right here are supposed to cut it ourselves. So I don't think we should," said Meyers.

MSD cut the area once before as a courtesy. They agreed to do it one more time as another courtesy, but reiterated the upkeep of the area is the responsibility of those that live there. Tedder said if they can MSD crews will cut it before January. But Tedder said there is a reason they're waiting.

"After the leaves have come down, after the vegetation, so that when we clean it, it should stay in pretty good shape until spring when the residents will hopefully then start taking care of it again," said Tedder.

"Kids should not have to walk to their bus stop and look at this," said Scott. "People should not be walking their dogs and have to step out into the street because they can't walk down closer to where a sidewalk should be located. This is ridiculous, I mean really. We can do better."

Tedder said when crews go out to clean the area, MSD will educate the residents on how to cut the area and the situation.

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